Re-starts on Tuesday 9th January, 10.45 – 11.45
Why not give it a go?

This Gentle Exercise class has been designed to accommodate a wide range of ages, abilities/disabilities and fitness levels.

All of the exercises can be carried out seated, using a chair for support or free-standing, with various levels of impact. This is to ensure everyone can can work out at an ideal level for their individual needs and also exercise alongside friends of varying abilities. Main exercises are carried out in sets or as a circuit with each exercise being performed for 1 minute intervals. This again enables people to work at different paces, take a break whenever they need to and not feel that they have to ‘keep-up’ with a routine to music or worry about missing a beat (Though music is played throughout to aid motivation and provide a beat for those who wish to exercise to it). All stretching and toning exercises are carried out seated or standing, so there is no need to get down onto the floor at all.

Each session begins with an adaptable warm-up and pre-stretches and ends with cool-down stretches and a 10 minute meditation/relaxation session to leave you ready to face the rest of your day.

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘gentle’ in the title however, this just means that the class is adaptable to varying needs. You will come away feeling as if you have had a good whole body workout. You will burn calories, improve aerobic fitness, build strength, improve balance, posture and muscle tone. You will also get the added exercise benefits of increased energy and motivation, mental well being and relaxation.


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