Are you a local business operating in South Herefordshire?

Help us to help you!

We offer local businesses their own page on this website in return for a donation to Kilpeck Village Hall funds.  Click on the scroll down menu on business tab to access the businesses who have already signed up to this scheme.

How can I get involved?

All you need to do is tell us what you would like on your page and we’ll do the rest.  Send the text you want (either as a word document or in the main body of your email) and up to 3 pictures to

What should I have on my page?

Use it as a basic introduction about your business (i.e what you do, contact details and opening times etc).

I already have my own website – does this matter and why should I bother?

We can include links from your page to our own website.  Our website features a wide range of articles about different things, so we will draw in a different audience to the traffic that will generally access your own site.

What happens next?

Once we’ve set up the page we’ll send you the link for your approval with your own personal password to open the page.  Once you’ve confirmed you’re happy with the content we’ll remove the password and it will be open to the public.

You can then send in your donation (cheques made payable to Kilpeck Village Hall).  The amount is entirely up to you!  The address is at the foot of this page.

Why do you ask for a donation and not a set amount?

The whole point of this service is to support small local businesses, particularly those without the capacity or funds to set up their website.  The donation method means people can contribute what they can afford or feel is appropriate.  To date donations have ranged from £10 to £50.  Everybody is treated the same regardless of how much they pay – every donation is welcome.

Please send your cheque (made payable to Kilpeck Village Hall) to:

Kilpeck Village Hall Committee
c/o Turnbow Cottage

Contact Jo at for further details.