Jacky Edwards – Beautiful glass for that unique gift

Glass at Cwmbwlch Workshops 

Jacky Edwards makes a unique range of fused glass craft and art pieces in her workshop in the Golden Valley, South Herefordshire.  From functional to decorative each piece is individually crafted using manual glass forming techniques. 

Glass Fusing – involves cutting sheet glass, creating designs from coloured glass frits and powders, metal inclusions and other items and then heating the finished piece up to 850 degrees centigrade in order to fuse the glass together.

Cwmbwlch Glass is available at various times during the year from venues such as;      

 Jacky is always pleased to be contacted to take individual commissions for personal gifts and special anniversaries and events.

Keen to introduce others to the pleasure of designing and making fused glass pieces Jacky offers a half day taster session at her workshop for two to four people.  So come along and have some fun with friends and find out about the process and make some of your own individual pieces to keep.  Click here for more details

Contact Details
Jacky Edwards
01873 860563
Email: Cwmbwlch@btinternet.com
Web Site: To be advised


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