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This year’s Kilpeck Pantomime!



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How to donate to St Michaels Hospice

hospiceIf you would like to make a donation to St Michaels Hospice direct, please follow this link to the Just Giving website.  Thank you 🙂

Kilpeck Pantomime – help us raise £500 for the Hospice


Today we hear from Kilpeck Pantomime cast member Jo about how the Hospice helped her family.  For further details on how you can help Kilpeck Pantomime raise £500 for St Michaels Hospice, please click here.

Jo and Joan’s story

In October 2012, my beautiful , funny, kind and independent Mum was given just months to live. As she lived alone in Swindon, we all agreed she should come and live with my partner and myself in Kilpeck.

JoanThus began the hardest two months of our lives as our relationship changed from ‘Mum and Daughter’, to ‘Patient and Carer’ overnight. Looking back I remember the chaos of trying to juggle work commitments with daily visits from health professionals and repeated trips to the surgery, all the while trying to retain Mum’s dignity as I struggled to cope with her personal care needs. Mum was terrified of losing control and so despite the pain she was in, often resisted taking any pain killers. This meant restless days and nights with her repeatedly asking when she was going to die.

Mum and I received excellent support throughout from family, friends, Kim and Ally at Golden Valley Carers, the Macmillan nurses and Marie Curie, but a very special thank you has to go to St Michaels Hospice.

On the 19th December (the day after her 83 birthday) she was admitted to the Hospice. Within an hour they had sorted her medication so she was calm, comfortable and pain free. Most importantly for the first time in two months, I could sit down at her bedside, hold her hand and be her daughter again. I was given a room so I could stay the night which meant I could slip in and out of her room in my pyjamas throughout the night. This meant when she finally passed away the following morning, I was there to hold her hand and kiss her goodbye.

I will never forget the kindness of the volunteers and staff at St Michaels before and after mum’s death. I now realise how lucky Mum was to have a room to herself and I know the Hospice are currently building an extension to extend this privilege to all admissions. Your donation can help to make this happen.

Thank you


An announcement from Kilpeck Pantomime Society

hospiceThe annual Kilpeck Pantomime has always donated money to local good causes since it began in 1996, but this year the cast are looking to raise additional funds for St Michael’s Hospice. 

On 27th November this year, the much loved Susan Thompson passed away in St Michael’s Hospice following a long illness.  Sue and her husband Richard have been organising (and acting in) the pantomime since the beginning, so as a thank you for the marvellous care she received at the Hospice in the last three weeks of her life, the cast would like to raise £500 for St Michaels throughout the duration of the pantomime run (Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th December).

How are we raising the funds?

Throughout every performance we will be inviting the audience to play the ‘Hidden Treasure’ game by buying one or more squares for £1 each.  The winning square will be announced at the end of every show and the winner will receive £10 – the remaining funds will go straight to the Hospice.  People will also be able to make donations if they wish.

If you have yet to buy your ticket, click here for the box office.

Richard & Sue’s story

sue and richard 1

Many of you will know that my wife Susan lost her fight against cancer two weeks ago, her last three weeks were spent in St Michaels Hospice where she received unrivalled care and attention. Nothing was too much trouble for them and literally within one day of being admitted Sue looked much better, more relaxed and completely pain free. Whilst the G.P’s do their very best and the district nurses work tirelessly to try and maintain ever increasing workloads, they themselves would admit that they cannot possibly give the individual support to every home based patient that they would like, but at St Michaels you get that support. 

We knew when Sue was admitted that she probably wouldn’t be coming home and the decision to go was difficult, but please believe me when I say it was the best decision we have ever made, Sue was very poorly, not eating and in some discomfort, I was doing my best as her 24 hour carer but struggling to cope with the clinical demands that were needed and in constant touch with the surgeries, nurses and hospitals to ensure I was doing the right things. 

Within 24 hours of being admitted Sue had seen three individual late life cancer Doctors, her medication was altered and drip fed into her arm and changed to suit the needs, she was bathed and hair washed daily, she began to eat small amounts again and took liquids freely, she took advantage of a couple of gentle alternative therapies and was allowed constant visitors at all times, they even encouraged me to bring the family dog to see her.

As time moved on Sue became weaker as the terrible disease spread aggressively, but throughout her stay she was totally pain free as Doctors controlled the drip feed medication on a six hourly basis. She had access to her individual TV and telephone if required and all her meals were cooked on site by a truly wonderful catering team. 

It is probably unfair to compare St Michaels with the NHS, but our own experiences leave me in no doubt which organisation gives the best service to the patient, but at the end of the day you have to remember that it is a charity and it is your money that keeps them going. Their new development plans will provide even better accommodation for patients with absolutely magnificent individual bedrooms and en-suite facilities each with their own fully accessible veranda’s overlooking the lovely countryside. 

Please support the Pantomimes initiative to try and raise as much money as they can for our local Hospice, I sincerely hope you never need to take advantage of its facilities, but if ever you do need them , you will not regret the decision.


Richard Thompson

An important announcement from Kilpeck Pantomime Society!


Hello Kilpeck Village News Followers!

I would like to say many thanks to everyone who helped and supported our pre Christmas pantomime, I believe it to be one of the best we have performed and comments from the audiences have been very encouraging. The show was a financial success and we have been able to donate over £1400 to the following; Kilpeck and District Village Hall, Charles Renton Unit , Macmillan Nurses , St Michaels Hospice, Hereford Night Shelter , Marie Curie , Air Ambulance and Dore Community Transport.

Once again, thank you to everyone both on and off stage for your help and to our audiences for your support. This year we return to a Pirate theme with our version of Treasure Island….!


Richard Thompson