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We think we’re pretty lucky to live in this friendly village; rich in history and surrounded by beautiful countryside.

We’d love to hear from locals and visitors alike – share your favourite photographs or stories of Kilpeck by adding your comments at the bottom of this page or send your thoughts and photos to .

Milo the Cat "I like living in Kilpeck because I sit on my garden wall and get lots of fuss when people walk by"


4 responses to “Your comments

  1. Great website, easy to follow and love the photos!!

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  2. When visiting Kilpeck recently as a tourist, I made a point of visiting the enchanting church and castle. But what made most of an impact on me was a black, feral cat that seemed to live in a tree at the side of the church. It was very welcoming and befriended me. I made sure I left it some food and it seemed pleased by the attention and fuss. But it seems to have no home or anyone to look after it. (I live at least 150 miles away and cannot rehome the cat myself) I thought this was quite a sad state of affairs and wanted to advertise my concern to local people so that hopefully someone, or some people collectively, would be willing to take it in and care for it, while perhaps allowing it to live a largely outdoor life. I hope somebody would perhpa come forward, if they don’t already, to care for the cat, who would fact make an excellent fund-raising mascot for church itself. I did look at local rescue centres, but most seemed disinterested in helping feral cats or semi-feral ones. I hope somebody or a group of people can look out for the cat, feed it and give it some shelter and meds, especially during the winter months.

    • Hello Anna – thank you for your comments. Its quite unusual to be able to pet a feral cat as they are generally very shy, so i’m wondering if the black cat had a very fluffy tail, as if it is the cat i think it is, it does have a home and is very well looked after. There are quite a few ferral cats who roam around in this area and I know that at least one of the farmers puts food out for them. There are also a lot of rodents in the fields around the church so there should be a good surply of food. Hope this puts your mind at rest. Kind regard – Editor.

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