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Kilpeck Group Parish Review

Kilpeck Group Parish review
Proposed change to Kilpeck Group Parish Council to reflect the evolving community

Herefordshire Council is consulting with the residents of Kilpeck, Kenderchurch, St Devereux, Treville and Wormbridge about potential changes to the group parish.

The first stage of the consultation – legally known as a ‘community governance review’ – is looking to hear local views about proposed changes to merge the group into a single parish council.

A ‘community governance review’ can consider a number of potential changes for parish councils to make sure they reflect the evolving democratic needs of their community. This could be by creating or merging parish councils, altering a parish boundary or even changing the number of councillors that serve the parish.

Councillor Nigel Shaw, Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance, Housing and Corporate Services, said:

“Parish councils are the most local form of government. They are the voice of the local community, working with other tiers of government and external organisations to improve the quality of life in the area. As communities move and grow, it is vital that the parish council reflects the democratic needs of that community, so I would urge residents to have their say on proposed changes to the future of their parish council.”

The results of the initial consultation will feed into formal recommendations for Kilpeck Group Parish Council, which will open for consultation in May 2018.

The proposal can be viewed online http://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/kilpeckcgr – it only takes a few minutes to have your say. All comments must be received by Friday 23 March 2018.

Phase 1 of the ‘Community Governance Review’ runs until 23 March 2018. This will feed into the recommended proposals, which will then go out to formal consultation in May 2018.

There are proposed changes to the following parish councils:

Bishopstone and District Parish Council
Potential changes to the ward boundary between the Bishopstone group parish and Stretton Sugwas.

Brockhampton Group Parish Council
Proposed changes to the number of seats within the group to better reflect the number of electors.

Kilpeck Group Parish Council
Proposed changes to merge the group into a single parish council.

Longtown Group Parish Council
Proposed changes to separate the parish of Walterstone from the Longtown group parish, and amalgamate Walterstone with Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council.

Moreton-on-Lugg Parish Council
There are a small number of properties affected by a border anomaly. It was proposed that these properties would be better represented in the neighbouring parish of Wellington.

Peterchurch Parish Council
Proposed changes to increase the number of seats on the council by one to reflect an increase in population.

Wellington Parish Council
Proposed changes to the parish boundary could be considered with specific reference to a small number of properties which were currently in Moreton Parish. Similarly the northern boundary adjacent to the railway may be better served under Hope under Dinmore Parish.