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7 responses to “Contact details

  1. Jeanne Pye Sandford

    Have been researching my Pye family and just found your website. Wonderful !!

  2. Great! Have you traced any ancestors in Kilpeck?

  3. Jeanne Pye Sandford

    One of my sons has actually been to Kilpeck and Much Dewchurch. Our lineage is connected in a couple (maybe more) ways through Jiohn Pye b 1746 in Fakniouth, Cornwall who went to Newfoundland by 1765 abd traces back to the Mynde. We are also connected to the Pyes of colonial Maryland and Barbados but still working on those records. In our lineage there are several marriages of a Pye to a Pye My dad’s family traces from his dad, Jesse deLacy Pye born 1865 in Labrador. My grandfather immigrated to the Boston area around 1900. I am interested in every little bit of history of your area,

    • How interesting! We are very lucky in Kilpeck in that we have a number of older residents whose families have lived here for several generations and so they have a good knowledge of who lived where and when! They have some lovely stories of some of the characters who resided here! I hope you get to visit yourself one day – particularly our unusual church!

    • Hello Jeanne – thought you’d like to know, one of my neighbour’s mother used to clean at the Mynde when it was a school around 70 years ago. One of her jobs was taking home the childrens socks to wash!

  4. Jeanne Pye Sandford

    How interesting. I found a picture of the restored Mynde on line and it looks so different and new. My son met Mr. Twistam-Davies (the older gentleman) who escorted him and allowed him to look into every corner. So appreciated. We have some mysteries that keep our Pye research going. Too many Edwards, Williams, Henrys, Johns and Charles. It’s hard to separate all of them. Wish I could get there to see it myself.

  5. We have an Edward Pye in Bradford in the mid 1600s but he wasnt born there, any ideas??

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